Established in 2012, toddler tintsTM are the original and best car window shade on the market, having sold over 50,000 across Australia, NZ, US and the UK.

Made from a material that becomes transparent when driving, you no longer need to worry about blind spots that other window shades on the market create. They're a removal film that protect children from the sun and reduce heat and glare. Applied to the inside of the window, our shades have a fun pattern on the side facing your child but are invisible from the outside. toddler tintsTM come in a range of vibrant patterns for you and your little one to choose from.

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"LOVE LOVE LOVE my toddler tints!! No more whinging in the back seat!! My husband was concerned with blind spots, BUT you're right….. there is none!!! I would recommend to everyone with kiddies!!"

- Breanne, VIC

Hi ladies! I bought my Zoo Friends toddler tints on the weekend. They're great!! Easy to apply and no more "I don't like the sun in the eyes" from the back seat! They are also really easy to see through, even at an angle. Thanks!  

- Kim, WA

I just wanted to let you know that I've put my toddler tints on and LOVE them! My girls love looking at the animals and I love being able to change lanes while driving more safely now. Everything else I've tried I've had trouble seeing traffic next to me when changing lanes. They're fantastic and a lot easier to apply then I thought!  Thanks for a great product!

- Lisa, QLD

Just got my Unicorn Wishes toddler tint today. Fits perfectly and I love it, and I'm sure my little girl will too. Just what I've been looking for. Thanks guys, what a great product.  

- Melanie, NZ

Hi, just wanted to let you know I put my toddler tints on my car and I am THRILLED with them!! One of my children obsesses over things and has pulled at EVERYTHING else I've ever tried on my windows. There is NO way he is getting these off! I am so impressed with them I shall be buying more to put in the back side windows of the car! They are easy to put on and look amazing, but most of all they won't annoy my son and they will protect them from the sun.  Thank you so much for these!!!!!

- Emma, NSW

Hi Guys. Thanks again for the toddler tints. My husband was apprehensive about putting them on our car at first but drove with them on and is now convinced about how great they are. Thank you for a fantastic product.

- Natalia, WA

You girls have created a fantastic product and I can't tell you how good it is to be able to see out the windows again. Now I don't have to put up with those faded, baggy things!!!! Thank you!!

- Louise, NSW

If you’ve been put off by pull-down window shades or slide-over covers, which tend to be more of a hazard for kids and drivers alike, you need to give toddler tints a go.

– Babyology Australia's No. 1 parenting website

Sun Protection

Block heat, glare and protect your child from 65% of harmful UVA & UVB rays as rated by ARPSNA.

No Blind Spots

toddler tintsTM  do not affect driver visability nor do they block the view for your child.

Universal Fit

Designed to custom fit and adhere perfectly to the inside of most car windows with no gaps.

Doesn't Affect Window Function

Applied to the inside of the window, you can still put the window down.

Not Seen From Outside

Completely invisible from outside the car, so it doesn't affect the visual look of your vehicle.

Long Lasting & Durable

Your curious little passengers cannot pull them off. Nor will they fade, deteriorate, stretch, or flap.

How to apply your toddler tintsTM car shade

Click here to watch our application video to see how easy toddler tintsTM are to install.

About Us

Two young Mum’s were the masterminds behind toddler tints™.  Like many Mum’s they were frustrated after many failed attempts to find the perfect solution to protect their children from the sun. They decided to take matters into their own hands and with that toddler tints™ were born.

Their innovative idea won the prestigious 'Huggies Mum Inspired' award and it has since grown to be a thriving success, protecting thousands of toddlers across Australia.

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